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(303) 902-6491 Krisiltis@gmail.com

(303) 902-6491 Krisiltis@gmail.com

(303) 902-6491 Krisiltis@gmail.com(303) 902-6491 Krisiltis@gmail.com(303) 902-6491 Krisiltis@gmail.com

About Kris


I want to delight the eye with a big reward

Kris Iltis paints her “turn your head” images to catch and delight the eye. Dancing brush-marks take the viewer on an unfixed celebration of color and light. For Kris and her collectors, “It really is all about the paint.” 

Growing up in Japan, Kris was heavily influenced by the woodblock prints her mother collected. Returning to the US as an adult, her career involved working in 2 large art museums as an arts educator and docent. 

“The still lifes of Cezanne, Matisse and Vuillard became part of my everyday and thus,very important in my approach to a painting. Their work and especially the work of American contemporary artist, Richard Diebenkorn are in my paintings in one way or another. They too were influenced by the wood block prints of Japan.”

Former Arts curator, Rachel B. Perry (also a collector) says Kris’s paintings “jump off the canvas and into the room”.

“I want to delight the eye with a big reward.”  

Kris’s work can be found in various invitational shows, most recently with the Cherry Creek Art Gallery and Studio 8 in the Prism studio complex in Denver. 

Kris has taught for various art groups and facilities in the Denver metro area including the Curtis Center for the Arts and Humanities, in Greenwood Village, workshops in New Mexico, and the Art Student’s League, Denver.

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